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[edit] Tentative tasks and schedule

  1. Requirements and Specification Definition: 2 weeks
  2. Circuit Design, Firmware development, Board layout, Test plan, Test bed programming: 8 weeks
  3. Hardware acquisition, Board assembly: 2 weeks
  4. Test 2 weeks
Project Timeline.xlsx

Note: Deadline dates are highlighted in gray.

Below are rough meeting notes that I wrote down. Some were written after the fact so use as a baseline on what was going on at that time.


[edit] Pertinent Tasks

  • Brainstorm algorithms for determining which sensors are in their linear region and associated weighted sum averaging.
  • Perform Matlab Simulation
-Introduce Error from within IC
-Introduce Error due to Micro computations (use of tables)
-Convert to model digital steps
-Test different algorithms
  • Setup test bench
-Obtain computer & password
-Successfully Interface computer with rotating table
-Create a usable and measurable B field.
--Get computer with two RS232 ports (that means talk to Dale)
-Write User Interface Program to display data and Perform Automated Testing
  • Account for increase in B field capability for ICs, will mean modify design & layout.
-Determine if we need a separate circuit for each sensor or if they can be pooled
-Find a way to make the circuit adjustable/removable
  • Breadboard a circuit for testing communications between Micro and Sensor
-Order breadboard parts based upon preliminary design parts (try to get matching parts)
-Determining timing for communications and power up/down
  • Create detailed schematics and hardware layout for a critical design review, plan this review
-Base this on the breadboard results, do we need to power all ICs at once.
-After critical review make changes and THEN order parts and send out for PCB
  • -Receive PCB boards and parts and assemble
  • Write functional code to communicate to daughter board (simulate until assembled)
--Create Usable interface via on board buttons and hyper terminal/VB
-Begin coding some algorithms and measuring results
  • Next Deadline: Design Show- Tuesday May 6th 2:00-4:30 Great Hall Coffman Union

[edit] Completed Tasks

  • Determined Project Goal, Specs & Requirements
  • Initial Brainstorming & Design
  • 2-19-08: Design Proposal Completed
  • 2-20-08: Contacted Machine Shop to Create Stands for Coils
  • 3-0?-08: Successful Communication to HMC6352 over I2C was accomplished
  • 3-09-08: Created a table for Coils
  • 3-10-08: Critical Design Review Completed
  • 3-11-08: PCB Boards and all parts have been ordered
  • 4-11-08: Hardware construction finished, sensors re-addressed
  • 4-29-08: Final Presentation delivered with results
  • 4-30-08: Presentation to EE1001 on the basics of Senior Design

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